Cynvec Bibliography

Please find below the growing archive of Cynvec published articles and abstracts. Each title is a link to a pdf of the full publication.

Sindbis viral vectors transiently deliver tumor-associated antigens to lymph nodes and elicit diversified antitumor CD8+ T-cell immunity.

Tumor-specific targeting with modified Sindbis viral vectors: evaluation with optical imaging and positron emission tomography in vivo.

ATM kinase is activated by sindbis viral vector infection.

Activation of cytotoxic and regulatory functions of NK cells by Sindbis viral vectors.

Sindbis viral vector induced apoptosis requires translational inhibition and signaling through Mcl-1 and Bak.

Multiple functions of the 37/67-kd laminin receptor make it a suitable target for novel cancer gene therapy.

Controlled Propagation of Replication-Competent Sindbis Viral Vector Using Suicide Gene Strategy

Crystal Structure of The Human Laminin Receptor Precursor*

Restricted Tissue Tropism And Acquired Resistance to Sindbis Viral Vector Expression In The Absence Of Innate And Adaptive Immunity

Tumor-Specific in Vivo Transfection With HSV-1 Thymidine Kinase Gene Using a Sindbis Viral Vector As a Basis for Prodrug Ganciclovir Activation and PET

Gene Therapy That Safely Targets and Kills Tumor Cells Throughout the Body

Identification of Amino Acids of Sindbis Virus E2 Protein Involved in Targeting Tumor Metastases in Vivo

Systemic Tumor Targeting and Killing by Sinbis Viral Vectors

Using Sindbis Viral Vectors for Specific Detection and Suppression of Advanced Ovarian Cancer in Animal Models

In Vivo Antitumor Activity of Sindbis Viral Vectors

Cell-specific targeting of Sindbis virus vectors displaying IgG-binding domains of protein A

Short-order Sinbis vector targeting

Sindbis Virus