Cynvec Product Pipeline*

We believe that our CYN platform may potentially serve as a pipeline for the development of oncology drug immunotherapies. Through further development and engineering of the base Sindbis viral (SV) vector to include various tumor-associated antigen payloads, we intend to elicit immunologic response against different tumor targets. While the company’s first product candidate, CYN-101, is designed to treat ovarian cancer, it may also have therapeutic potential in the treatment of other cancers.

Basis for Follow-on Products

Key factors for our SV vector as a potential immunotherapeutic vaccine for multiple possible cancer targets:

1. Efficacy through immune activation. In some animal models, SV vector has generated an immunotherapeutic response against tumor-associated antigens engineered into the vector and present on tumor cells.

2. Tumor-associated antigens. We intend to expand the application of CYN platform by targeting various antigens associated with tumor cells. Similar to CYN-101 that uses the bio-engineered Sindbis viral vector expressing the tumor associated antigen, NY-ESO-1, as a potential ovarian cancer vaccine, we plan to engineer other tumor specific antigens into the SV vector for other targeted cancer therapeutics.

3. Safety. Replication deficiency and certain genomic characteristics of the SV vectors may confer safety advantages while priming the immune system against tumors.

4. Vaccine Effect. In some animal models, SV vector promotes a memory T-Cell response against tumor-associated antigens, thereby preventing or slowing cancer recurrence.

*Note: Cynvec's first product candidate, CYN-101, and potential follow-on products are in various stages of pre-clinical development. Cynvec has no products in the market at this time.

Sindbis Virus